Best Gifts Ideas for Artists

When it comes to a gift for a painter, a person living by art, the choice becomes really complicated. So how to choose a present for someone who perceives the reality in his own, creative way? How to avoid mistakes and find out what he or she needs? The secret is simple: any painter always needs something to draw with, something to draw on, and something to pack the stuff. However, such people also like original, unusual things that appeal to their very special creative nature. We tried to choose the things that will make any artist happy, classified and described them in order for you to make the best present ever!

Gifts for Artists Who Draw

It is a fact that artists are the most dedicated people. They either hold a brush or think of a new painting, and nothing can make them happier than new, high-quality art supplies. If you are not a painter yourself, just check out the coolest practical gift ideas we found – they are perfect for people who draw!


Any professional or young artist will say that palettes matter a lot. It is really complicated to get a color you need, and the really awesome board can make this process so much easier! Such super great quality gift will definitely make your creative friend happy!



Oval Glass PaletteOval Glass Palette

This classic oval palette made of tempered glass is a treasure for anyone who often holds a brush in his hands. It is perfect for acrylic and oil paints, easy to hold, and has the white liner on the back so you can see how the colors will look on the paper or canvas.




Paint Brush Organizers and Holders


Though creative people often live in a mess, they usually do not like it when it comes to the stuff they use to make their masterpieces. Moreover, they often lack special holders to carry their pencils and brushes, so such organizers and boxes become the cool presents!

Large Brush BoxLarge Brush Box

This gorgeous art box is made of natural materials, elm wood and leather. It is really great thing if you want to keep your brushes, paper, and palette secure. It is well-built, compact but capacious, and it just looks awesome!






Easel has always been a key tool for any artist who works in the field. For painters, they weigh their weight in gold, so you have a chance the best useful gift ever – just choose the good-quality model and present it. The reaction will be priceless!


Mont Marte Black EaselMont Marte Black Easel

Someone who likes to draw will appreciate such a wonderful stylish gift. It has all the qualities of the great easel: it is easy to assemble, it is made of season wood, and it has the in-built drawers to keep all the supplies.





Gifts for Artsy Girl

If you are looking for the awesome art-related goods, you are on the right page. This section contains unusual, original gifts, as well as some practical supplies that will impress any artsy girl!



Do you think that a vase is a banal gift for an artsy person? Well, everything depends on the model you choose. This category includes a lot of impressive things that can make any creative girl really happy!

Areaware Brush VaseAreaware Brush Vase

Someone who likes to draw will definitely like the present like this! Just take a look at this wonderful thematic vase: it is crafted in marble and resin, has glass insert, and can hold literally anything starting from pens to flowers.






Women’s Watches


Watches are always a great present. You just cannot have too many of them! However, you will not surprise anyone with the standard but beautiful models, so go creative and choose something really astonishing!

Women watchWomen’s Artist Watch

Probably, there is no another good for creative people that would look more cute and stylish than this one. This watch is made of great materials: black leather and silver-tone steel, and it also contains the high-quality movement. What is more important, it has the graphic designed background that makes it a perfect present for any artist!






Drawing Pastels


Do you think that pastels are the kid toys? If yes, you are wrong. A lot of recognized artist adore this supply and use it to create amazing masterpieces. Whether or not an artist uses pastels, creative people are always looking for something new to work with!

Pastel CrayonsFaber-Castell Soft Pastel Crayons

Every colorist wants to a set like this. Amazing color range (the set contains 72 pastel crayons), great colors, and good texture, all that makes it a nice gift for any young artist who wants to try new drawing techniques.



Gifts for Teenage Artists

If a teenage boy or girl expresses interest in art, it should be encouraged! In this section you can find colorful and interesting goods that will inspire a teen to develop his or her skills in painting, so do not miss this chance!



A lot of young and professional artists adore these paints! They allow creating light colorful pictures, using various techniques, and having fun while drawing! Can you imagine a better present for a teen?

Brusho Crystal Assorted Pack of 12 ColorsBrusho Crystal Assorted Pack of 12 Colors

This is a set of non-toxic water-based paint powders that are perfect for trying a lot of different techniques and drawing amazing paintings. You just sprinkle some crystals into the paper then mist it with water and the colors explode!






We consider pens as the instruments we use in our daily life just to write something down. However, they can become astonishing tool for artists, particularly for cartoonists, so if you want to see a smile on a teen’s face, present him or her the set of cool colorful brush pens!

Arteza Real Brush PensArteza Real Brush Pens

This premium quality good is designed for professionals, but it is also good for beginners. It includes 96 excellent non-toxic brush pens. It should be emphasized that the ink is water based, and that allows making great watercolor effects.





Tempera PaintsTempera Paints

Have you heard about tempera paints? Tempera is a quite widespread painting technique that appeared before oils. They are made of natural materials, dry faster that heavy-based paints, so they can be used even by kids.

If you want to develop a teen’s or a kid’s imagination, if you want to turn the process of drawing into fun, this gorgeous product is for you. You can even make a lot crafty things together, and maybe soon your child will start using more serious art tools and become a professional!



Gifts for Creative People

Creative persons should be considered as a separate social group. They have a unique way of thinking, adore creating cool unusual things, and adore arts. We tried to collect the goods that are the great inspiring presents for this very sort of people!

Paint by Number Kits

Such kits are the great things to relax and entertain yourself. They do not require super skills, so they become a perfect present for those people who like making creative things but are not professionals.


Diamond Van Gogh PaintingDiamond Van Gogh Painting

If you want your friend, soulmate or relative who really likes art to have a good time in evenings, just present him this gorgeous diamond kit. The painting is great without diamonds but with them, it becomes really astonishing. You just need to put the diamonds in the right positions and get the sparkling masterpiece, a perfect decoration for your interior.



Ceramics & Pottery

This section contains a wide variety of goods that are just perfect for people who like making something great with their own hand. Here you can find a lot of awesome stuff starting from ready to paint ceramics to different firing accessories.

Coaster Tile Craft KitCoaster Tile Craft Kit

If you want to present something really cool and creative, choose this wonderful set. It includes ceramic tiles, podge, brushes and protective pads, so you can just open the box and start making your own, unique and beautiful coasters you can never find in someone other’s house.





Drawing Inks


Drawing inks can be used for numerous reasons, and we described only one of them below. However, you can check out the goods in this category and find more original and unusual goods that can become a perfect present for a person who does not recognize any borders in art.

Alcohol Inks Set CollectionAlcohol Inks Set Collection

These permanent color inks are awesome: one can use them on different surfaces such as metal, plastic, glossy paper, etc. They are irreplaceable if you standard canvas and oils are not your passion – these inks are designed for creating something truly unique!




Presents for Artist Friend

If you do not know what to give an artist as a gift, check out the goods below. They are perfect to present them to a friend – they are universal, so you will not go wrong, they are colorful and bright, so your creative buddy will be impressed, and what is more important, they are useful, so they will not go to waste!

3D pens


Do you want to surprise your friend who has already tried to use all possible and impossible supplies? If yes, it is time for 3D printing creative goods which will inspire anyone to make new, crazy and beautiful things!

3D pensProfessional 3D Painting Pen

Even though the picture above looks pretty childish, it is created for artists and designers who want to take their projects to the higher levels. And of course, your friend can just have a lot of fun with this awesome tool!





Acrylic Paints


Acrylics are the youngest and the most popular kind of paints. They are really great – you can use them to draw on different materials, starting from canvas to the stones! If you doubt that your friend needs something, choose acrylics and you will not mistake.

Acrylic PaintAcrylic Paint Set

This magnificent colorful set includes 12 non-toxic water resistant paints. There is one more cool thing – it comes with canvas, boards and pads, so your friend can just open the box and start drawing!





Drawing pencils


We used to think that pencils are for kids: they take them to school, use them at home and create gorgeous abstract paintings that could be sold for millions of dollars in modern art gallery. However, artists also use them, maybe in a little different way.

Set of 150 Watercolor PencilsSet of 150 Watercolor Pencils

Guys, this good would take one of the first positions in the list of art supply gifts. Each pencil has its name and number so the painter can avoid the mess. Moreover, you can just add some water to get a watercolor painting. All in all, they have perfect pigmentation and look great on the paper!




Best Gifts Ideas for Art Students

Art students always need different supplies starting from good-quality paper to various types of paints. They are learning to use different techniques, to draw landscapes, portraits, still life pictures, so you just cannot go wrong with the present. We, in turn, tried to collect the universal goods future artists need the most.

Art sets


Art set is probably the best win-win gift for a creative person. Great brushes, pencils, paints are the things an artist need, so do not miss a chance to make not only pleasant but also useful present.

Graphite Line Gift Box SetGraphite Line Gift Box Set

This great multicolor Caran D’ache set contains 15 fantastic Grafwood graphite pencils. Unlike the most of sets, it is for graphics only, and in this case, the quality means more than quantity. It is the wonderful present as for a professional as for a beginner.





Art Watercolor paper


We used to think that paper is just a trifle, but any artist would say that it is the basic tool, especially when it comes to such kind of paints as watercolor. The high-quality paper does not get wrinkled, preserves the colors, and makes the painting look exactly like the picture in artist’s imagination.

Fabriano Studio Watercolor PadFabriano Studio Watercolor Pad

If your friend or family member is an artist who likes watercolor more than oil paints, this pad will be the best present ever. It contains 50 great quality 9×12 sheets that have a very thick texture so it will not warp much when applying watercolor. Moreover, it is also perfect for color pencils, acrylics, chalk, and charcoal.




Artists’ Manikins


It is very important to artists to lay down significant proportional rules and to follow them when the depicting human body. Manikins are the best tools to determine and remember all the standards of figure drawing. Moreover, this category also contains the models of separate parts of the body, and this makes the book even more useful.

Male Adaptable Anatomy FigureMale Adaptable Anatomy Figure

This good is perfect for young artists who want to get started with human anatomy. It is 13.4 inches high, so it allows seeing muscle structure in the smallest details. Its parts are changeable, so the owner will be able to develop a lot of new poses for male characters. Generally, it is really necessary for beginners and for artists who want to improve their skills.




Best Gifts for Painters

It is pretty hard to find something really good for a professional painter, especially if you are not a specialist in the arts. We tried to select the coolest universal supplies that the artist can use in any projects.

Oil Paint Professional SetOil Paints

Remember the works of world-famous geniuses – most of their masterpieces were created with the help of gorgeous oils. This trend continues even now, and this kind of paint remains to be the most welcome present for experienced artists.





Oil Paint Professional Set


The set contains 48 oil paints of the highest quality that perform exactly as they should. Even the box itself looks really stylish and even royal, so the gift will look really impressive. Every painter would adore it!

Charcoal Sketching SetDrawing Charcoals

Drawing charcoals are one of the most ancient tools artists used. With the help of such deceptively simple material, a creative person can make an unbelievably beautiful work of art.






Charcoal Sketching Set


The portable set is a perfect decision for any on the go artist who sketches literally everywhere. This metallic box is quite easy but it contains everything student or professional needs: charcoal pencils and sticks, erasers, blending stump, and sharpener.

Filbert Paint BrushesFilbert Paint Brushes

Filbert paint brushes are flat, and the edges are curved on each side of the tip. They are really cool tools to try a lot of different techniques, so it is the must-have good for any artist!

They are specifically designed for heavy-bodied paints such as oils and acrylics. They are well-balanced, made from high-quality materials, and hold their shape. Any painter would say that having bad brushes is very frustrating, so you can present this set to protect him or her from such disappointments!




Good Gifts for Young Artists

If you closest ones expressed interest in arts and drawing, you should definitely present them something that will make them start. We selected some truly great goods that will help young artists develop their talent and skills.

Art sets for beginners


If your friend, soulmate or relative wants to get started with drawing, just present him or her one of the sets for the beginners. Usually, they contain all the stuff one needs to start learning, starting from graphite pencils to paints and brushes.

Painting and Drawing SetPainting and Drawing Set

This impressive intro set contains literally everything an artist needs: colored pencils, oil pastels, watercolors, crayons, brushes, eraser, etc. It is portable, and if the young wants to draw from real life, this cool box is irreplaceable.







In our opinion, gouache is the best paint for the beginners. It is not vivid, but unlike oils, it is easy to use. It dries fast and does not smudge like watercolor paint, so it is a right choice to get started.

Gouache SetGouache Set

When you are starting something new, you should start using the good materials that will show how awesome your work can be. The colors of this set are incredibly rich, the paints themselves last good and are re-wettable on the palette.





Drawing Specific Objects Books


Human body is one of the most complicated objects to draw. Just think of all that muscles, wrinkles, bends – we see them every day but can hardly depict. The manuals will help beginners to remember the smallest details and become really skilled painters.

Atlas of Human AnatomyAtlas of Human Anatomy

This book is a helpful tutorial that contains a lot of pictures of the human skeleton, bones, muscles, skin, and the body itself. It is a true treasure for those who want to draw human body in the most accurate way.






Christmas Gifts for Artists

If you do not know what to buy an artist for Christmas, check out the goods below. Not every artist has these unique art supplies, so such a present can easily encourage a painter to try the new interesting techniques.

Encaustic Paints


So you have a friend or a family member who can easily create gorgeous paintings using oils, acrylics, watercolor and pastels. But what about encaustic paints? They allow making something really unique and impressive; the technique itself is astonishing, so encourage your close one to try it this year!

Encaustic Wax Paint SetEncaustic Wax Paint Set

If you know nothing about encaustic technique, watch some videos on Youtube. We promise you that you will be impressed. Just imagine what your skilled friend can create with the help of this gorgeous product! The set is perfect to get started with this kind of painting!





Drawing Chalk


We usually see chalk in children’s hands, however, they are also one of the favorite supplies of many recognized artists. Professional works created with the help of this tool can impress anyone. Do not even doubt that a painter will be glad to have chalks in his or her collection.

Compressed Pastel ChalkCompressed Pastel Chalk

Just take a look at these colors! Traditional warm brown tones were used by the most famous artists, and if one follows their steps, he or she will get a masterpiece that will look like the medieval works of art!






Calligraphy & Sumi Brushes


This specific kind of brushes has a lot of unique peculiarities. They are great for both painting and calligraphy, and it is very easy to hold them in a hand and make easy, accurate movements. Generally, it is the must-have tool for an artist!

BrushClassic Brush Pen Set for Sumi-e Painting

This ideal set includes eight brushes and one bamboo wrap of excellent quality. The brushes are made of natural materials, particularly of animal hair. The manufacturer emphasizes that they do not hurt animals to produce this good, so you have a unique opportunity to buy a natural and safe tool without any doubts or concerns. Moreover, they come in a stylish bamboo box so you will not have to buy a gift box!




Drawing Gifts for Boyfriend

It is considered that men are better in so-called ‘strict’ techniques, for instance, in live engraving, aquatint and other kinds of graphics. We do not like stereotypes, but we also can admit that males often focus more on lines than on color. Of course, there is a chance that your boyfriend is an exception to this rule, but we, in turn, tried to gather the art tool men usually like the most.

Graphite Pencils


They are considered to be basic tools for artists. They often use these pencils to sketch and then cover the paper with paints. However, black and white accurate realistic paintings often look even more impressive than the colorful, bright watercolor pictures, so you can develop your man’s talent by giving him a gorgeous set of graphite pencils!

40-Piece Drawing Pencils and Sketch Set40-Piece Drawing Pencils and Sketch Set

This set includes literally everything except for paints: graphite, pastel, charcoal, etc. One can just open it and start trying different graphic techniques! It is perfect as for professional as for beginner, for art students and teens, and its premium quality makes it a perfect gift for your beloved boyfriend.




Not all of professional artists take markers seriously. It is considered that a masterpiece cannot be drawn with this tool; however, in our opinion, it is nothing more than stereotype. Just think of the famous cartoonists, do you think that their work is just a game? If not, choose one of the awesome sets or a cool drawing board and enjoy the happy smile on your boyfriend’s face!

If your man wants to be an illustrator, you just can find something better for him. The set includes 72 high-quality markers with great color consistency with a fine tip on the one side and a smooth chisel on another. Generally, it is the awesome gift for birthday or any other significant occasion.



Drawing Boards


Artists are creative people that find inspiration in everything and everywhere, so a drawing board is the most needed tool. This is a gift you cannot go wrong with, especially if you choose really easy and comfortable good.

Portfolio with Sketch BoardPortfolio with Sketch Board

It is a necessary thing for any painter – water resistant portfolio with straps allows transporting the works, while the light sketch board is perfect for drawing in any place starting from a classroom to a field.



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