1 Year Anniversary Gifts Ideas for Him

The first year anniversary is a great date. And if this date is getting closer, you’ve definitely thought about the best one year anniversary gifts for him. But we all feel like kids in a candy store when it comes to the gifts, and you are most likely feeling the same now.
That is why we’ve collected all the best gifts for your boyfriend here.
Each paragraph has 3 groups of goods and each group contains 3 best goods of this type, with descriptions and links.
If you want to make a useful present, we have them — and the same is for romantic gifts. Let’s go.

Best One Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

Congratulations! It makes sense that you do really want to make the anniversary day unforgettable, right? Well, we can help you.

We’ve chosen three types of gifts here: wallets, gloves, perfume.

New Leather Wallet — what Could be Better? All Amazon Wallets are here.

Italian Genuine Cowhide Leather Wallet

 Italian Genuine Cowhide Leather Wallet This wallet is made of leather — the material is soft and very comfortable. The capacity is quite good, too: 6 cards, 2 ID documents, 2 sim cards and 2 long slots. This wallet fits fine in jeans pockets. Check Price

Leather Travel Wallet with Phone Pocket

 Leather Travel Wallet with Phone Pocket This wallet would be a great gift — because of a perfect, wooden handmade box. With this wooden box, your boyfriend will love the gift before he even know what lays inside of it!
It will fit fine for all types of jeans. Vintage-style, full-leather, with STRONG magnetic closures — I don’t see any reasons why you shouldn’t buy it.
 Check Price

RFID Blocking Full Leather Citadel Wallet

 RFID Blocking Full Leather Citadel Wallet This wallet is quite small but it has 11 different pockets for credit cards.
Each slot eliminates the electronic waves, which means the cards are protected from the scanners.
They use only the best leather for these wallets.
The gift box is here, too.
Check Price

Gloves are a Great Gift (Especially at Winter). If these 3 aren’t enough, look at the Amazon “Gloves” category.

Timberland Men’s Ribbed-Knit Wool-Blend Glove with Touchscreen technology

 Timberland Mens RibbedKnit WoolBlend Glove with Touchscreen technology With this gloves, your man will be able to unlock his smartphone, to make calls and to write messages — so he will always answer your SMS!
They are also perfect driving gloves, because they are not too thick.
Timberland gloves aren’t just “good”, they are also really warm.
Check Price

Blackhawk Kevlar Tactical Gloves

 Blackhawk Kevlar Tactical Gloves These tactical gloves are not as good for winter or rain as the other ones here, but they just wasn’t designed for these purposes!
If your boyfriend is in the army, you will NOT find a better gift for him. These gloves are much better than the standard gloves that soldiers and policemen have, so if your man works in the field, you’ve already found the best gift for him!
They are made of leather, have finger and palm protection, good for self-defense — and your boyfriend will 100% enjoy them.
 Check Price

Carhartt Men’s Waterproof Insulated Gloves

 Carhartt Mens Waterproof Insulated Gloves Be careful, these Carhartt gloves are not the best choice for driving — the material is too thick here, so it wouldn’t be very convenient to drive a car in these gloves.
They are insulated — it means that while skiing, for example, your boyfriend will not need to wear inner gloves.
Manufacturer is good, too — Carhartt is a known company that makes good winter hoods and coats, so their gloves will be great, too.
Check Price

Perfume. Choose a Perfume only if you know your Man and his Tastes Perfectly. More Perfumes are here.

Guess Seductive Men

 Guess Seductive Men It’s a very romantic fragrance, so be careful with it — if your boyfriend is a 6.5 foot pumped up biker, this will most likely not work! It’s more like an evening perfume with strong notes, so the majority of men will like it, with no doubts.

It lasts for a very long time — so you will enjoy this fragrance on your boyfriend for a day or so!

Check Price

Versace Eau Fraiche

 Versace Eau Fraiche Versace is an expensive brand with long and rich history — so your man will not be disappointed by it.

In short, it smells like ocean waves. I know it’s hard to understand how does it smell from the text, but believe me, this fragrance is worth it. Your boyfriend will enjoy this fresh perfume.

 Check Price

Nautica Voyage

 Nautica Voyage This is another romantic perfume.
I would describe it like a lemon/citrus fresh, a little bit of apple, and a very little sweet side, like melon or something. It’s up to you to choose, but your boyfriend will most likely love it (and you will, too!).
As it’s a fresh perfume, it would be a great gift if your anniversary day is in summer or spring. For me, it isn’t a really good choice as a winter perfume.
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These gifts are, like, classic gifts for anniversary. Your man will love them, 100%, but if you want something cheaper and cute, let’s look at some cute gifts.

Cute 1 Year Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend

Want to make a cute gift? That’s great. We know that men usually try to be brutal and courageous, but no one can resist a cute gift for anniversary! If you are agree, we’ve chosen tea cups, t-shirts and chocolate — and if you think that it sounds obvious, let us try to change your mind!

Tea and Coffee Cups (more of them here). Well, why not?

Darth Vader Comic Strip Mug

 Darth Vader Comic Strip Mug Oh my god, it’s just great. I bet your BF has seen Star Wars, right? If yes, he will not be disappointed. Buy this cup and may the force be with him!
If your man prefers big mugs, this one would be good, too. 20 oz of coffee!
Check Price

Custom Personalized Coffee Mug

 Custom Personalized Coffee Mug It’s a 16 oz ceramic mug with your own text on it. You can write anything, like the name of your boyfriend, a love quote or the day you met. It’s one of the best custom engraved mugs at Amazon.  Check Price

Aldo Rossi Mocha Cups

 Aldo Rossi Mocha Cups These two cups are really small (4.2 oz), but if your BF is a coffee maniac (especially if he likes really good coffee), this gift will work well.
And there are two cups here — we are sure that he’ll be able to take a hint!
Check Price


Cute Dinosaur Men T-shirt

 Cute Dinosaur Men Tshirt It’s a cute T-shirt with a print of dinosaur who says “I love you this much”. The joke is… Well, you’d better take a look. Check Price

Cute T-shirts for Couple

 Cute Tshirts for Couple It’s a double-gift, so your boyfriend isn’t the only person who will enjoy this evening! His T-shirt has a print with lifting weight and the word “Beast” — cause your boyfriend is a strong man, right? And your T-shirt has a print of a red bow and the word “Beauty” (cause you are 100% the beauty). He will like this present, because it’s cute and shows your love.  Check Price

Personalized T-shirt

 Personalized Tshirt It’s like a personalized mug, but T-shirt! You can order any print — the photography of you with your man, a quote, the date, anything! It’s only up to you to choose, but be careful with the print — because you want him to wear this T-shirt everyday, right? Check Price

Chocolate Gifts. Everyone Loves Chocolate!

Chocolate Treasures Gourmet Basket

 Chocolate Treasures Gourmet Basket In this basket you’ll find premium chocolates — and when we say “premium” we mean that they are really good.
The basket itself is quite beautiful, too.
Check Price

Candy Bar Gift Box

 Candy Bar Gift Box Say “I love you” in chocolate, add a message with your warmest words and you can be sure that your boyfriend will enjoy this gift. Come on, who doesn’t like candy bars?  Check Price

GiftTree the Metropolitan Gourmet Chocolate Basket

 GiftTree the Metropolitan Gourmet Chocolate Basket Another basket with chocolate, but it differs from the first: here you’ll find biscotti, mustard, Almond, nut mixes and even popcorn. The first basket was for chocolate-lovers, and this one is more like for those who have a secret sweet tooth. Check Price

Don’t be afraid, all men like cute things. However, if you want to buy a gift for your husband, it’s time for something more serious!

Sweet First Wedding Anniversary Presents for Husband

If you have been married for 1 year, it’s a serious milestone! The first problems are over, the relationships are still fresh — great time! The presents will be great, too. We’ve collected portable speakers, watches and cool cigarette lighters here.

Portable Speakers (Amazon)

JBL Flip 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

 JBL Flip 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker JBL is this year’s must-have for every young man. It’s a loud, high quality bluetooth speaker which is also splashproof, has a good battery and can be used even if it’s raining and snowing outside!
If your boyfriend likes music and, what’s more important, LOUD music — this JBL bluetooth speaker would be a very good gift. And be ready that he will use it very often!
Check Price

Bose SoundCheck Price Bluetooth Speaker

 Bose Soundlink Bluetooth Speaker It’s a very similar device, but the name “Bose” in audio world is something like Chanel, Versace and Jimmy Choo.
This speaker isn’t as loud, but the quality of the music is really high here. And your man will be able to speak to Siri with it!
 Check Price

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio Bluetooth Speaker

 Harman Kardon Onyx Studio Bluetooth Speaker Harman is another known brand in the world of audio electronics. This speaker is very similar to the previous one, but it’s as stylish as it’s possible — just look at this ideal design! Check Price

Watches — Expensive but Perfect Gift.

Suunto Core Military Watches

 Suunto Core Military Watches It’s not just watches — there is an altimeter, a weather/sun tracker, barometer, compass and storm alarm here. If your BF is an active person, buy it. Check Price

Apple Watch Series 1 42 mm Watches

 Apple Watch Series 1 42 mm Watches Apple Watch are great, just like any other product from Apple. If your man is an Apple fan, then you’ve just found what you need! Watches, heart rate sensor, gyroscope, cool display and aluminium case — perfect.  Check Price

Emporio AR0431 Armani Stainless Chronograph

 Emporio AR0431 Armani Stainless Chronograph It’s a chronograph, not “watches”, get it? It’s a premium product, with premium classic design and quality. Made of steel, with quartz glass — you’ll hardly find a man who wouldn’t like a gift like this. Check Price


Zippo Matte Lighter

 Zippo Matte Lighter Who doesn’t know Zippo? They make the best lighters with lifetime guarantee (!), so the quality isn’t a question. Check Price

S.T. Dupont Slim Shiny Chrome Jet Lighter

 S.T. Dupont Slim Shiny Chrome Jet Lighter It’s a very thick lighter (7mm), which is made of metal. Another luxury accessory for your boyfriend.  Check Price

Corona Old Boy Pipe Lighter

 Corona Old Boy Pipe Lighter It’s the brand, it’s the history, it’s the Old Boy. Choose this gorgeous lighter and it will work for dozens of years (not an exaggeration). Classic, stylish, great, that’s what I can say about it. Check Price

These three categories are more like serious, expensive gifts — but it isn’t always necessary. Thus, if you want, for instance, to show that you make plans at the future with him, look at the next category.

Great 1st Marriage Anniversary Gift Ideas for Guys

If it’s the anniversary of your 1st marriage, the gift should express your feelings and plans. We’ve chosen gold chains (to show that you appreciate him), scratch world maps (because you want to travel throughout the world with him) and neckties (because they are cool).

Gold chain (necklaces at Amazon)

Wellingsale Yellow Gold Chain Necklace

 Wellingsale Yellow Gold Chain Necklace This necklace is made of real gold by Wellingsale. It’s a small and light necklace which is also very comfortable to wear. If your husband likes jewelry, you can’t miss this necklace. Check Price

Hollow Figaro Chain Necklace

 Hollow Figaro Chain Necklace Real gold necklace that weighs 4.6 grams. Cleaning cloth is inside the box, and the box is beautiful, so it will work nice as a gift.  Check Price

White Gold Figaro Chain Necklace/Bracelet

 White Gold Figaro Chain NecklaceBracelet Yellow gold is good, but what about white? For many people, white gold is better — if your husband is one of them, he will 100% love this necklace. Check Price

Scratch World Maps (the whole category)

Scratch Off World Map Poster

 Scratch Off World Map Poster If your husband is a traveller (or if you want him to be the one), this map would work well. You just visit the country and scratch it, it’s simple. This poster will remind that you have lots of places to visit! Check Price

Executive World Push Travel Map

 Executive World Push Travel Map Works like the previous map, but it’s bigger — push pins, plan your future travels and enjoy this together with your husband! If he is a traveler, he’ll love it.  Check Price

Conquest World Travel Map

 Conquest World Travel Map It’s actually the same, but even bigger and more detailed. And more stylish, of course — it’s really a piece of art. Check Price


Premium Gift Tie Set

 Premium Gift Tie Set Your husband will look perfect with this tie set. Ties here are made of polyester, the quality is great and they are quite stylish. Take a look. Check Price

Men’s Tie Set

 Mens Tie Set These ties are made from microfiber (like silk but resists wrinkles better). Stylish, Italian, with beautiful box that looks like a gift box. It’s a must-have set for every man, actually.  Check Price

Luxury Men’s Necktie Collection

 Luxury Mens Necktie Collection Material — microfiber. 5 dress ties inside and 2 tie bars. The box is very good and already looks like a premium gift.
Another must-have set, so it’s up to you to choose. Your husband will love these ties.
Check Price

Have fun with the scratch-off world map! And I’m sure that your man will love his new necktie collection. What’s more, I’m sure you will love him even more in a premium necktie! And a golden chain… Luxury as it is.

Good One Year Anniversary Gifts Ideas for Man

It’s such a lovely day, isn’t it? It means that you’ve been together for 365 days. It’s great.

Another section of 1 year anniversary gifts would be interesting — we have gym bags, pajamas and notebooks here.

Gym Bags at Amazon.

Sport Large Best Gym Bag

 Sport Large Best Gym Bag Nice gym bag with wet/dry storage and with separate compartments. Can be easily converted to backpack so it’s like 2 bags in one. Check Price

Nike Sport 3 Duffle Bag

 Nike Sport 3 Duffle Bag Polyester gym bag with zippered pockets. Shoulder strap is here, has separate pockets for footwear.  Check Price

Adidas Small Gym Bag

 Adidas Small Gym Bag Nylon/polyester gym bag with a shoulder strap. Classical two-colours design — 95% guys will like it. Check Price

Pajamas. They are Cute!

Silk Pajama Set by Milaroma

 Silk Pajama Set by Milaroma It’s a beautiful pajama set which contains a 100% silk shirt and pants. 8 colours are available. This set is very soft and really looks like a luxury product. Check Price

Majestic Silk Charmeuse Pajama

 Majestic Silk Charmeuse Pajama 100% silk premium pajama would be a great gift for your man. It’s elegant, masculine and made of silk so you will love touching it!  Check Price

Armani Striped Pajama

 Armani Striped Pajama Armani! This pajama is truly premium, made in Europe from 100% organic Linen. Your husband will love the material, long sleeves and 3 patch pockets. Check Price


Dragon Sword Leather Writing Notebook

 Dragon Sword Leather Writing Notebook Unique, handmade journal — you’ll find no 2 identical copies of the cover. The design is truly great and unique — and the gift box in here, too. Check Price

Montblanc Premium Notebook

 Montblanc Premium Notebook Montblanc notebooks are premium notebooks. Cover is made from Saffiano leather, the design is classical but luxurious — if your man likes writing, this is a great choice.  Check Price

Leather Refillable Writing Notebook

 Leather Refillable Writing Notebook Another premium leather notebook. The pages are unlined so your BF can write and draw in it. The paper can be replaced so he will use it for a very long time! Your man will definitely like it, because of the material… you should touch it to understand. Check Price

We’ve tried to make the list as diverse as possible so every woman could find a gift for her boyfriend or husband. Now we hope that you’ve found something decent for your man — and we are sure that it doesn’t matter what would you choose, he will enjoy it anyway. Good luck and have a great anniversary day!


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