11 Ways to Know You’re in the Right Relationship

A relationship is challenging and tricky sometimes, in the meantime, it’s the thing, which makes life meaningful. Successful relations should have a solid base of love and respect. According to the survey, 88 percent of Americans consider love as a top priority to get married and to make a lifelong commitment.

So, love is one of the factors of the prosperous relationship. If you want to know for sure that you are in a right relationship and you are in love, then consider the these signs.

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How Do You Know When Your in Love

How Do You Know When Your In Love

Love is a feeling, which gives wings and when you’re in love, you feel immortal and unbeatable, but sometimes love can be mistaken for other feelings and emotions.
According to science, the brain will be able to figure out that you are in love before you’re able to realize it. So, the realization comes later.
For you not to be wrong about the sincerity of your feelings, there are 11 ways to determine that you are in the right relationship, which is based on mutual love and devotion.

  1. You share the same goals

When people are in love, they do not differentiate between their dreams and plans and partner’s aspirations, they build them together. So, a successful relationship is built on a solid ground of teamwork. If you see the common future and do some steps towards it, then you are in love and your relationship is likely to stay firm.

  1. You do things you enjoy together and separately

True love doesn’t mean that you should be together all the time. Of course, it’s great if you’ve found out things you both like, and hit a great stride in your relationship doing things you enjoy. But what is more important is that you both remain individuals, that is why there are some activities, which you enjoy doing alone. It’s fine and it’s absolutely great because you accept, respect and love each other.

  1. You always come to a consensus

A relationship without a fight doesn’t exist, but only in a successful relationship, these fights are productive. Dr. Terri Orbuch — relationship expert says that “a good relationship is one where the two of you fight fair.” To argue doesn’t mean to prove your superiority, it’s about the understanding what’s wrong and how to fix it. It gives you an opportunity to compromise and learn how to listen without defending and speak without offending.

  1. You merge into each other’s lives

When you are in the right relationship, then you have your own social circle and common friends with the partner, it’s natural. You may communicate all together. On top of that, your families are familiar and they are happy to see you together. W. Bradford Wilcox states that social approval is crucial for the marriage. If your relatives give a stamp of approval, you are likely to build a strong bond with this person.

  1. You become better for each other

When you are truly in love and the relationship is prosperous, you evolve together. You improve constantly because you are each other’s inspiration. Your partner’s passion for the sport has inspired you to start working out, whereas your academic pursuits inspired the loved one to expand the outlook and deepen the knowledge.

  1. You keep the spark alive

When you love each other, you are compatible sexually and passion between you doesn’t fade away. Moreover, you remain romantic. You try to surprise each other, make smile and happy. It shows that happiness of the loved one is important for you. It’s the hallmark you are in the right relationship.

  1. You stand up for each other

Does the spouse always tell silly jokes? Is he or she weird sometimes? You understand it and you’re ok with that. Because you love everything about this person and if somebody laughs at him, you always stand up for him.

  1. You have a spiritual connection

Even if misunderstandings happen, you pull through these tough situations together. Each time you drift apart, this connection brings you back together. Your hearts are connected and the only thing you feel is a craving desire to be together.

  1. You don’t expect the lover to be perfect

A relationship can’t be perfect and sometimes things don’t go smoothly. But you can make your relationship perfect for you. Give the spouse a chance to show who he or she is. If you stop waiting for perfection, then you can enjoy what the partner gives you and appreciate him or her for being the person he or she is.

  1. You are ready to do everything for the sake of this person

There are no things, which you cannot do for the spouse. You never think twice before making the partner smile and laugh. You may sacrifice your comfort, your happiness if it’ll make them happy. Real love means service and putting his or her needs first.

  1. Your self-esteem is increased

When you are really in love, then you become more confident, your level of self-esteem is boosted because you know that you love and are loved. You are glowing, you can accomplish any task in life, perform better at work. Your love is your strength and you use it.

How to Tell If You Love Someone

How To Tell If You Love Someone

Falling in love is special and revealing your feelings is also special. You may feel awkward, shy and terrified before opening up to the person you love, but it’s ok. Fear is absolutely natural, it’s not an easy step to take. However, if you pull yourself together and express your feelings, the relationship will be brought to the next level.

Gary Chapman, the author of the book “The Five Love Languages” highlights several ways of expressing your feelings. They are:

  1. Physical touches;
  2. Gifts;
  3. Words of affirmations;
  4. Acts of service;
  5. The time you spend together.

So, if you are at crossroads, make sure to use these hints.

  • Pronounce these words face-to-face. For instance, during the date, sit closer to your loved one and whisper into his or her ears and then kiss the cheek softly. It’ll be very cute.
  • If you are too scared to express feelings directly, do it through writing. For example, send a gift to your date and add a greeting card, where you may write a poem or simply a phrase “I love you.” Also, leaving love notes wherever you go is a romantic gesture. You may write cute things there like “Think of you,” “Love you,” “Need you.”
  • Hug a partner, do a relaxing massage, cover him or her with kisses and say this phrase. Physical touches may show how strong your feelings are.
  • Show that the date is your priority. Cancel all meetings if it’s important for the partner to spend this day together with you. When you display that you may sacrifice everything for the loved one, it indicates love. You may organize a romantic surprise on this day to make it even more memorable.
  • Acts of service really matter. They show how much you love and care. For instance, help with chores, fix the computer, kill all spiders, do everything the spouse needs and then say that it’s because you are in love. Also, don’t forget to pamper a loved one. Is he ill? Bring a breakfast in bed. Is it raining and she is wearing high heels? Be her knight and carry her in your arms. Afterward, kiss gently and say how much you love her.

Why Do You Love Someone

Why Do You Love Someone

Scientists say that love has the same effect on the brain as any other drug. You lose your rational sense. However, some people reckon that they love the person for the feelings he gives and how he makes them feel. There are some reasons for your love, but note that they aren’t universal.

  1. The partner makes you feel secure and happy. You reach inner harmony when you are together and you’ve never experienced this feeling before. You know that he or she brings balance into your life and always calms you down.
  2. The spouse makes you value simple things. Earlier you haven’t noticed how beautiful the sunrise is or how great it is to dance under the rain. You start to notice and value everything that happens around. You look at the world from the partner’s perspective.
  3. The flaws of the loved one are beautiful. You’ve noticed that the habit of laughing too loudly annoyed you earlier. But now you have fallen in love with a man with this habit and now it seems charming to you.
  4. You truly love someone because you want to take care of them and you don’t afraid to be vulnerable with them.
  5. You see a part of yourself in them, you have common hobbies, likes, goals, and aspirations.
  6. You are into your partner because he or she always listens to you, supports you, you appreciate the spouse and the attitude towards you.

Am I in Love, Do I Love Her, Are You in Love

Am I In Love, Do I Love Her, Are You In Love
Lust (a sexual desire for another person) and infatuation (obsessive attachment) are easy to feel, but it’s hard to distinguish them from a real feeling. True love incorporates physical attraction, desire, but it also has a spiritual component. If this feeling touches not only your body but your soul, then it might be love. If you ask yourself: “Am I in love?” “Do I love her?” or want to help a mate and you are wondering whether he or she is in love, then look at the statements below.

Read them to yourself or the friend and determine whether they are true or false. If all responses are true, then it’s likely to be love!

  1. I don’t want to hide anything from him or her.
  2. The connection between us is physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.
  3. I can save my identity in this relationship.
  4. Many things, which we have in common, have brought us together.
  5. His or her financial position does not affect my feelings.
  6. I appreciate his or her flaws, quirks and merits.
  7. My heart is about to jump right out of the chest when I kiss and hug the partner.
  8. I want the spouse to be good and happy even if I’m unhappy.
  9. Even if the relationship is on the down slope, I am still there for him or her. Difficulties don’t separate us.
  10. I don’t have a secret backup plan. I believe in our future.

What to Do When Your in Love

What To Do When Your In Love
To love somebody is an exhilarating experience and you should enjoy this period to the fullest. Once this feeling has arisen, you should cherish it and try to save it for a long time. To take advantage of being in love, do these five essential things.

  1. Be real

Relish, relax, be free, don’t hide anything and always be honest. Don’t make promises you can’t keep and don’t have secrets from the loved one.

  1. Don’t hold on too tightly

A healthy relationship requires faith in each other and the absence of control. Give freedom each other and respect personal space. Let the partner have his or her own hobbies, go out with friends from time to time and always trust.

Make sure that neither you nor your partner feels restrained and then the relationship will flourish.

  1. Welcome personal growth

When you are together, you must develop, be interested in the world, always try something new. Support each other in your endeavors, inspire and help. You should not lose yourself as a person but acquire new knowledge and experience.

  1. Demonstrate your feelings

Are you head over heels in love? Show it! Telling the lover “I love you” is vital. Make sure that your partner feels appreciated and loved. Do it both through words and actions. Write romantic poems, send love messages, do little surprises and always notice and value even little things the partner does for you.

  1. Compromise

Communication makes a relationship less complicated. Even if you are different, a compromise helps to mend your arguments. If you want to adjust, you should learn how to bend sometimes. If there are some problems, talk it out with the spouse. Say what’s wrong, share your fears and what has bothered and irked you, then you may come to an understanding.

Signs You Re in Love

Signs You Re In Love
Researchers have found that an in-love brain of people, who are in a committed relationship, look differently from the brain of those people, who just experience lust. Read these five telltale signs, which indicate that you are in love.

  1. You’re equal in a relationship and are proud of it

The most significant thing in a relationship is equality. You are on the same level and that is why you don’t need to fight for power. You share both household and financial obligations. Also, you are proud to have such an amazing second half and your family and friends know about it.

  1. You never argue in public

Even when the chemistry between you is tangible and the emotions are boiling, you never figure out the relationship in public. You solve problems peacefully alone and don’t seek drama and excessive attention.

  1. You never get bored together

It doesn’t matter what you do, you always enjoy it. You feel as if you may talk for hours. And even if you are engaged in a boring activity together, it becomes interesting and amusing.

  1. You are faithful

When you are in love, the spouse is the center of your universe. You don’t notice who is around, even if the person is attractive is sexy. All your attention and care are undividedly owned by one single person.

  1. You sacrifice

In the right relationship, people make sacrifices and adjustment. You may have differences and sometimes you immolate something to fit each other and to see the date happy.

Thereby, love cannot be easily defined in words, but if you experience all these conditions mentioned above, then it’s love. Make use of each chance, which is given to you to make a relationship last and make the second half fall in love with your amazing personality over and over again.

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