Advance Happy Birthday Wishes

There is no better occasion than a birthday of your dear person. This is the way you show people you love that you think about them and you are happy to have them in your life. Yo should wish your dear friend all the best due to his or her birthday. You should celebrate friendship and love all together. You will find interesting ideas how to greet your love partner, family members, friends and even colleagues. However, sometimes we are so busy, so we can’t visit the birthday party and greet a person, but it does not mean that you can’t send your best wishes in advance. Send the following advance happy birthday wishes and quotes to make your dear person happy. Do not wait to celebrate this special day and try to be the first who will send the greeting. This will be the best proof of your love and care.

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Creative Early Birthday Wishes in Advance for Best Friends

When you are overwhelmed with sincere feelings due to the birthday of your dear person and you can’t find proper words for expressing your feelings, you should read the following collection of creative birthday wishes in advance. You will discover many wonderful birthday greetings, images and quotes. Check out the best advance birthday wishes and quotes which you should definitely share with your best friends. You will easily find perfect words to impress your friend. Hurry up to be the first to greet your friend with his birthday. And do not worry that your greeting is a bit in advance. In fact, it is never too early to wish a person you love all the best.

Check Out the Most Impressive Happy Early Birthday Quotes

You can be the first one who will greet your best friend or your family member. Using the following quotes and sayings you will stand out and demonstrate how much you love this person and how much he means to you. Also, it is always better to greet a person a bit in advance than to forget and be too late with your greeting. Use the following happy early birthday quotes!

Beautiful Happy Early Birthday Wishes and Quotes in Advance

  • Usually, I am always lazy and late, but when it is the birthday of my friend, I want to be the first who will greet him. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!
  • Unfortunately, I won’t manage to visit your birthday party, but I send you all my love and admiration. We will meet soon and we will enjoy our own party. Happy Birthday in advance, my dear friend. I love you!
  • I do not care what date is today and your birthday has not arrived yet, I want to wish you all the best right now. I am proud to be your best friend. Happy Birthday in advance, buddy!
  • Very soon will be your birthday party. Even if I am not there, you should know that for a real friendship time and distance do not exist. Happy Birthday, rock the party for both of us!
  • Prepare for my biggest cuddle and kiss, because the will arrive very soon, even a bit in advance. You are a very special person and you deserve all the best. Happy Birthday, my angel!
  • I am so sorry not to be able to visit your birthday party. That is why I decided to send you my gift and greeting a bit in advance. This day I miss, but we will enjoy many parties in the nearest future. This I promise you. Happy Birthday in advance, sweetie!
  • You know, we should celebrate our birthdays every day. Every morning you wake up and this is a new birth. Life is very magical. Celebrate it every minute. I love you! Happy Birthday!
  • You know my legendary patience, which does not exist at all. That is why I send you my birthday greeting in advance, because I can’t wait to tell you how much you mean to me. Happy Birthday!
  • Life is so short and it is not fair that we can celebrate our birthdays only once a year. I send you millions of hugs and kisses. They are on their way. Happy Birthday, my dear!
  • You are my dear person, whom I love so much, you can’t even imagine. Your birthday is one of the most remarkable days and due to this special occasion I want to wish you all the best. May all your dreams come true. Happy early birthday, my love!

Heartwarming Before Birthday Wishes for People You Love

If you can’t attend the birthday party of your friend, you should send him your best wishes and bit in advance. You can even meet a bit before his birthday to greet him and present his birthday gift. Prepare a nice card, inserting the following before birthday wishes. Your friend will feel your love straight away, even if you are far away from him.

  • Sweetie, you take a special place in my life and my heart. I want to be the first who will wish you all the best for your birthday. Happy Birthday in advance.
  • I feel terrible to miss your birthday party. I just want you to know how much I appreciate our friendship. You are such a bright personality. I wish you happiness, strength and good mood for the rest of your life. Happy Birthday!
  • I like to be the first who will congratulate you with the birthday. I hope you know how much I love you. You are very special to me. Live happily and brightly. Happy Birthday!
  • I will not manage to visit your birthday party, but do not get too much excited. I will come back and we will celebrate it once again. This year you will have two birthday parties. Isn’t it great? Happy Birthday, buddy!
  • I can’t wait to greet you with your birthday. Well, maybe I am too impatient, but who said that friend can’t congratulate their best friends in advance. Happy early birthday, sweetheart.
  • My dear friend, I have a habit to greet people I love in advance, because I want to be the first who will wish you all the best for the rest of your life. You are number one on the list I love and care about. Happy Birthday, bro!
  • Buddy, I am very impatient to wish you a fabulous birthday. This year will be very bright and special for you. Happy Birthday, my dear!
  • I feel how my heart breaks not to be able to visit your birthday super party. I want you to be always happy with all your dreams fulfilled. This is a new chapter of your life and you should prepare yourself to shine brightly. Happy Birthday!a

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