Best Mother and Daughter Quotes and Wishes

A mother-daughter relationship is special, unbelievable and indescribable. Nobody in the world has as close and strong bond as a mother and a daughter have. Their relations endure small disagreements, which occur daily and global conflicts, which arise at least once in a person’s life.

The true value of this relationship may be understood only by a mother and her daughter, who have shared grief and happiness, laughter and sadness together, and pulled through tough situations together. These trials made them wiser and stronger.

Look at this collection of mother daughter quotes and choose the words, which will express your feelings for a daughter regardless her age or for a mother, who always remains a woman number one in a child’s life. Here are mother to daughter quotes, daughter to mom daughter sayings for you.

Give your mother or daughter a hug, reassure that you will be always near no matter what and let these touching lines fill the heart of your mother or daughter and warm her soul.

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Inspiring Mother to Daughter Quotes

  1. My dearest daughter, all I want is to see you happy. I pray for your smooth path in life and potent health. If you need a place, where you’ll receive boundless love and tenderness, this place is my hugs.
  2. Since I’ve heard your first scream and saw your wonderful eyes, my heart has been stolen. And it was the prettiest thief I’ve ever seen.
  3. You’re my extension, my emotional twin and my most faithful ally and the soul mate. I love you.
  4. You’re my treasure in life. I’ve done many wrong things in life, but one thing which I’ve made right is that I gave birth to you.

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Daughter to Mom Quotes

  1. Mommy, thank you for working so hard to make me a good person and a loving daughter. I hope I will be a wise mother to my children as you are to me.
  2. I believe that a mother creates a daughter. Thank you for showing me this wonderful world of mutual love, fulfilled dreams, unconditional happiness. Your love made me the person I am now. I am infinitely grateful to you.
  3. To the whole world you are a caring and loving mother, but to me, you are my world.
  4. I became successful and achieved everything I want in life because I listened to you always.
  5. It doesn’t matter where I go, I always take my guarding angel with me. It’s you, mommy.

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Quotes About Mothers and Daughters

  1. A mother and a daughter have one soul for two, which can’t be broken by time, obstacles, distance and insults.
  2. All mother’s characteristics are absorbed by daughter’s personality so that it’s not clear where the mother ends and the daughter begins. It’s pure magic.
  3. The only love between a mother and a daughter can’t be changed and only this love has no limits. It grows with every single day and never fades.

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Bond Between Mother and Daughter

  1. There is nothing more powerful than a mother’s love for her daughter and there is nothing more healing than daughter’s gratitude.
  2. Many people may be replaced in daughter’s life, but nobody can take the mother’s place.
  3. A daughter will always be the closest person in the world for her mother because only she saw the heart of her mother from the inside.
  4. The lives of a mother and a daughter are connected. A mother is the daughter’s spine, she always supports her, and a daughter is the mother’s blood, which makes her strong.

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Mom and Daughter Sayings

  1. A mother is the only person in the world, who can turn daughter’s worries and fears into happiness.
  2. God is everywhere around us, that is why mothers, who possess a part of Him, are always near.
  3. A daughter makes a mother’s life brighter and the mother makes daughter’s life warmer.
  4. A daughter is the biggest treasure for a mother and the mother is the biggest pride for a daughter.
  5. A daughter is not only a child, a part of a mother, she is a lifelong friend and the closest person ever.

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Mother of the Bride Quotes

  1. I am proud to be a mother of such a wonderful human, a devoted daughter, a faithful friend and a perfect future wife! Fill the life of your husband with light and love as you’ve filled ours.
  2. You used to be a wonderful little girl, but today I see how you walk in a mature life as a confident and beautiful woman. I am insanely happy to share this special day with you.
  3. Through all the years, through ups and downs, through all trials and happy moments, I loved you more than anything and anyone in my life. And today I am over the moon to see my little girl as a happy bride.
  4. To see you’re walking down the aisle in a gorgeous white dress with a dazzling smile on your face is my dream, which came true. Be happy, darling.

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Short Mother Daughter Quotes

  1. Mommy, thank you for being my anchor in this stormy sea of life.
  2. You are all in one: my dear daughter and my best friend. Love you.
  3. Only in your eyes, I see kindness and love. Mom, you’re the best.
  4. I have never dreamt of having a better daughter than you. You made my life complete.
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A mother’s treasure is her daughter

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Relationship Between Mother and Daughter Quotes

The relationship between mom and daughter is special. Some mothers prefer to be friends with their girls, while others choose to be teachers and supporters. Whatever the choice, it is made to raise a kind, happy person. These inspirational quotes show there is nothing more beautiful and important than work like this.

  1. By the time a mother realizes her mother was right, she has a daughter, who thinks that she is wrong.
  2. A mother and a daughter always share a special bond, which is engraved on their hearts.
  3. The mother and daughter relationship is the most complex, yet the most amazing phenomenon in the world.
  4. A daughter’s treasure is her mother, a mother’s sense of life is her daughter.
  5. A woman may be weak until she is a mother of a wonderful girl, who remains her eternal friend.

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Short Daughter Quotes from Mother

  1. You are my miracle. Never cease to be so wonderful as you are now.
  2. Your smile is charming, your laughter is infectious. You are a stunning woman and above all, you are my daughter.
  3. Is there a force in this world, which is stronger than hope and faith? Yes, it is my love for you.

daughter quotes from mother

Mother Daughter Love Quotes

  1. I love you, my sunshine! You are a beautiful, intelligent and kind woman and I am super lucky because I’m your mama!
  2. Darling, it’s wonderful and sad at the same time to see how you become older and soon you’ll fly out like a free bird. I wish you to live life to the fullest, enjoy each second, pursue your dreams and I will always be there for you.
  3. My precious daughter, you are my gift from God. Thank you for making me happy and for giving me the opportunity to fulfill my dreams through your eyes.
  4. My sweetie, each time I see your sparkling eyes, which look at this world with curiosity, hear your laughter and see your smile, I realize how beautiful this life is.
  5. Darling, it doesn’t matter where you go, I will always be with you, encouraging you when you feel down and sharing happiness with you.

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I Love My Daughter Quotes

  1. My daughter, I tried to raise you as a modest and fair woman and you’ve become her, but you taught me so many things that I became a better person thanks to you.
  2. When I’ve seen your little eyes, tiny fingers, and a cute smile, I realized that finally, my life has received its sense. I love you.
  3. My life is incomplete without you, my sweet daughter, everything I do, I do for you and for your happy future.

i love my daughter quotes

Best Mom Quotes from Daughter

  1. Mommy, I want you to know that on those days when I feel miserable, upset and unloved, I remember that a strong woman has raised me and keep my head up. Thank you for being my inspiration.
  2. It doesn’t matter what trials life has prepared for me, I am sure I will pull through all situations because I have the best guardian in the world – it’s you, mom.
  3. Mommy, when I was little, I made wishes for good toys, sweets and happy holidays, but now I have only one desire – it’s to see you healthy and happy. I love you, mommy!
  4. I am proud of many things in life, but my greatest pride is to realize that I am worthy to be the daughter of the most beautiful mother in the world!
  5. Mom, you are the best mother in this world. When you are with me, I feel stronger and capable of everything. Thank you for being my muse, my support, and my best friend.

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Mommy Daughter Quotes

  1. Mommy, sometimes we can argue, take offense at each other, but I want you to know that for me there is no person more important than you. I love you very much.
  2. When you were a little girl, I wanted you to stay a baby forever, but when you became a wonderful young woman, I became excited about all stunning things you’ll do in this life. I love you, sweetie.
  3. Children are gifts from God and daughters are the most beautiful compliment any woman can receive. I’ve been blessed with a frank, pretty, selfless, and compassionate compliment!
  4. I thank God every day for having such a remarkable daughter. I know that you are the brightest chapter in my book of life.

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Mother’s Love for Daughter Sayings

  1. I’ve always been an egoist, but when you were born, I’ve understood that for your sake I’ll become the most self-sacrificing person in the world. Because there is nothing more important to me than your happiness.
  2. My princess, you give me the courage to become a better person and a better mother for you. It happens because you are my sun, which always shines brightly and the moon, which never wanes.
  3. Dear, one day I asked God to send me an angel who will adorn my life. You are the answer to my prayers.

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Beautiful Mommy’s Girl Quotes

  1. You’re my favorite mommy’s girl. Whenever I have a bad day, a headache or I am in a bad mood, I have one solution – your hugs.
  2. My life has always been ordinary, but one day it became very special and offbeat. This day was your birthday. You’re my miracle. I love you.
  3. There is the only job in the world I am ready to do for the rest of my life for free. This job is to be a mother of such a lovely daughter like you.
  4. Thank you for taking me with you on a beautiful journey, called motherhood. This life period makes me extremely happy.

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Mother’s Love for Her Daughter

  1. My dear daughter, you motivate me to be the best mother for you because I want all the best for my sweet girl.
  2. Our bond and love are so special and they resemble rare wealth. The more we use it, the bigger it becomes.
  3. You are the biggest success in my entire life because I’ve managed to give life to such a responsible, kind and intelligent daughter.
  4. Daughter, you are my D-dear, A-ambitious, U- unique, G-gorgeous, H-humorous, T-talkative, E-enigmatic, R-resilient girl, whom I love endlessly.
  5. I love you to the moon and back, my most important woman in this life. Thank you for teaching me being a good human, I hope that one day I will be worthy of you.

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Best Mom Quotes from Daughter

  1. You are an indispensable part of my life. You are for me like water for a flower. Thanks to you, I am able to grow, develop, prosper, learn and achieve success.
  2. The biggest privilege in my life is to be a daughter of the prettiest, the kindest, wisest, the most patient and understanding woman on Earth. I love you, mommy.
  3. I can be not the best daughter for you because I know how many troubles you’ve experienced with me. But I want to tell you that for me, you are the best mom ever.

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Mom, I love you

best mom quotes from daughter

Short Proud Message for Daughter

All people want their achievements to be noticed and recognized. A simple phrase “I am proud of you” can inspire and cheer anyone up, especially if it is said by mother. So if you think that your daughter is doing really great, tell her about it! These short heartfelt messages will help you express your feelings!

  • You are such a beautiful girl, and I’m so proud of the incredible way that you are growing up. Even at such a young age, you are full of wisdom, kindness, compassion, and courage. I love you so much, honey. Never ever change.
  • My daughter, I am so proud of the beautiful young woman you have become, and I am so proud to not only call you my daughter but also my best friend. I love you more than words can express.
  • I am proud of many things in life but nothing beats being a mother of such a girl.
  • Despite all the hardship, you persisted, you endured, you never quit, you persevered, you kept going, you never gave up, you prevailed. I’m so proud of you!
  • My dear, I am blessed to have a daughter like you. You always make you feel proud.

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