Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend for All Occasions

The list of sweet messages below will help you to please your girlfriend in the morning by sending her a morning message, to make her smile with funny cute messages and to congratulate her on a birthday, showing your love and affection.

Be original and avoid sending trivial texts, use of the one of the cute messages below.

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Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend In the Morning

  • Girl, I can give up all the benefits of the world for the sake of your kisses every morning. Good morning!
  • The most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life is your sleepy eyes in the morning and hair, in which the sun’s rays shimmer, do not deprive me of the pleasure of seeing this gorgeous picture for the rest of my life.
  • Good morning, my love! Today we will deal with our sweet things – kissing, cuddling and doing nothing!
  • This morning is very cloudy because the sun is jealous of your beauty that dazzles all! Good morning, my pretty.
  • Your love makes me wake up every morning because you are the sense of my life. Good morning, my favorite girl.
  • You know, even the dawn on the Maldives is nothing compared to the morning, which I meet with you. You fill my gray days with joy and happiness, I love you, good morning.

Things to say to your girlfriend

  • You deserve the most sincere compliments and I am ready to tell you every morning about how beautiful you are and how much I love you. Good morning.
  • The perfect morning for me is the morning, which begins with your tender kisses. You are the best girl in the world, good morning.
  • Wake up with love, live a day with faith and end it with warmth in your heart. Good morning, beloved.
  • My sweet, let the bright sunlight and fill with warmth not only your room but also your life. Good morning!
  • Every morning for me is a boundless joy because a new day is coming and I will spend it with you. Good morning, my ray of sunshine.
  • Wake up, let your day be filled with joy, happiness, and laughter, today I will give you my love. Good morning!
  • Honey let the beginning of the day will be as beautiful as you! I love you so much.
  • Today, summer breeze wishes you a good morning, the sun wishes you a good day, and I will try to make your day happy! Good morning, my princess.
  • Always remember how important and desirable you are for me, I won’t get tired of repeating it to you every morning for at least 50 years! Good morning, my sweet girl.
  • Your smile is able to change my whole world, and your laugh is able to turn my life into a fairy tale. Good morning, my love, I adore you.
  • I did not know that the angels are so beautiful in the morning! You’re a miracle, you rock my world.
  • After every storm comes the calm, after every disaster comes joy, after every night comes the morning, I wish that your morning will last forever and it will be happy and sweet. Good morning.
  • Darling, wake up, there are so many sweet things that we should do today, the first of them is our romantic breakfast together. Get ready, I’ll pick you up soon.
  • I’m blind, I cannot see other women, in my heart, in my life, and in my soul there is the only person – it’s you. You are beautiful, good morning.
  • Every day I am convinced that our match was made in heaven, you are everything I have ever dreamt of. Morning!
  • Let my love this frosty morning warm you faster than any blankets and even the sun rays do not disturb your sleep. The whole world has stood in anticipation of you, you rock. Good morning.
  • I thank the universe for our meeting, you have changed me and made the happiest man in the world. You are such a catch! Good morning.
  • Darling, every morning you look stunning and I am sure today you’ll be tickled pink by all compliments you receive from me. Morning!
  • Even polar nights are nothing for me since my sun is you. I love you more than life, good morning, my girl.

Funny Cute Things to Your Girlfriend

  • My sweet, I fell head over heels in love since I have seen your smile for the first time and your laughter has captured me.
  • I won’t live without you, you are my heart, without you I am nothing and no one, I love you.
  • Honey, even in your fiftieth dress, that you try on this morning, you look stunning, I’m lucky to have you!
  • Do you know how I realized that I love you? Only with you I forget about the Champions League, I love you to bits!
  • If my world was an ocean, you would be the most beautiful coral in it. I love you!
  • When God was handing out gifts, you with your adventurous character managed to get the goodness, beauty, and intelligence, and I, in turn, got you! You are the best.
  • You’ve seen the best and the worst aspects of my character, and in spite of this you are still with me, I guess it’s because you cannot live without my lasagna. Just kidding! Love you.


  • You know, I cannot think of anybody else, but you! I’m in your captivity, from which there is no escape, and even if it would have been, I would have never gone. You are my everything.
  • I thought that my life would change for the better after the release of the latest version of JavaScript, but I was wrong, my life became ideal only after you became my girl, I love you.
  • I did not think that there are things better than the PS4, but your love for me became the eternal dependence, from which there is no cure, and I hope it will never be.
  • Darling, you have given me so many sweet things, so many great memories, so now I don’t even know how to breathe without you and to live without you. I love you very much.
  • I could not understand what draws me to you, I looked on your hair, lips, eyes, and a body, and only when I saw how kind your heart is, I realized that your kindness just captivated me.
  • If I lived in the Middle Ages, I would have refused the title of a king in order to be your vassal because my main goal in life is to make you happy! I am crazy about you, girl.
  • Our journey into the world of love has just begun and I hope that it will never end. Our meeting is the best thing that happened to me in life.


  • I remember our first date and sweet things that we discussed, at that moment, I could not even imagine that puppy love will grow into a deep affection, which will take root in my soul forever. I love you.
  • I may not be the most beautiful, intelligent, rich and kind man in the world, but as much as I love you, anyone else won’t be able to love. You mean more than life for me, I love you.
  • If I had to plunge into the depths of the Mariana Trench, I would do it for you. You are the woman, for the sake of whom I want to perform feats, I adore you.
  • If your love was the sky, I would have filled it with joyful moments, which like the stars would give us their bright light. I love you with all my heart.
  • Sweetheart, you are my dream that will always be beautiful and I hope that it will never turn into a nightmare. I kiss you, my girl.
  • I thought that the love of my life was chocolate, but it was before I have met you, and now your kisses are sweeter than the most delicious chocolate. You are amazing.


  • I have always thought that the ideal relationship is a romantic love story, but our relations are more like science fiction with elements of comedy and drama. But still I love you.
  • Your beauty just blew me away, I couldn’t even imagine that such beauty could exist. If I were a poet, I would write poems about your beauty, but all I can tell you – this is how much I love you.
  • I am drunk with love for you, and it’s the best thing I’ve experienced in my life, even Chivas 21 cannot be compared with it. I love you, baby.
  • Gentle, cool, great, kind, beautiful – you are lucky to have such a boyfriend! I’m kidding, you are not less gorgeous than I am. Love you.
  • In my life, you taught me two things: how to trust the person and how to love someone more than yourself. You made me better, thank you for that, I love you.

On Her Birthday

  • Today is a special day because a special girl was born. Your appearance has made the world better, you are a ray of sun. Happy Birthday!
  • Honey is not as sweet as your lips, the smell the roses cannot be compared with the scent of your hair, and the stars do not shine as brightly as your eyes. Happy birthday, be happy!
  • Sweetheart, let me congratulate you on your day. You are the most wonderful person I’ve ever met, I’ll do anything to make you happy and to give you the world. Happy Birthday, my love.
  • My peach, you have destroyed all the stereotypes, you proved that it is possible to be beautiful inside and outside. Let your life be filled with happiness not only today but always. Happy Birthday.
  • My love for you grows stronger with each passing day, you are the one, with whom I want to share my whole life. Happy birthday, my love, I will love you forever.
  • Let all the joy, happiness, and love, which exists in this world, will fill your life today. My angel, I wish you happiness, let your eyes always sparkle with joy. Happy birthday.
  • Queen of my heart, lady of my soul, the sense of my life, today is the happiest day for me, because on this day you were born. I wish you to meet every birthday with me for the next 80 years! Happy Birthday!
  • You came down from heaven, and stepped on this sinful earth and on this day spring has come. My favorite girl, please your close people with your smile and a ringing laugh, I’ll always be near and will love you. Happy Birthday.
  • Let all the candles on a birthday cake fulfill all your secret desires! You deserve the best in this world! I love you, happy birthday!
  • You shine with joy, accept gifts and greetings, you are so beautiful today. I promise I will do everything to make you happy not only on this day but 365 days a year! Happy Birthday, my love!
  • Today I give you holiday greetings, kisses, hugs and gifts, today, I will fulfill all your dreams. Happy Birthday, my sweet girl.
  • I am very proud to have such a stunning girlfriend, your kindness, gentleness, and love just captivated me, I am immensely glad that you love me because I love you very much. Happy birthday, my dear.
  • I will never forget our first date, I fell in love with shine in your eyes, your naivety and innocence touched my heart. Today I want to say again how special you are for me, I love you. Happy Birthday.
  • Nobody will never ruin my love for you, we were lucky enough to experience true love, so let’s keep it. Today is your birthday, I thank God for you, I wish you happiness and boundless love I’ll give you.
  • Thank you for being so affectionate, sensitive, sweet and kind, thank you for sharing with me your love and your life. Happy birthday, my love, be happy.
  • Today all sweet messages are for you – your birthday for me is the most remarkable day in a year, you are my guiding star, I wish you to stay the way you are. I love you, happy birthday.
  • I love you and I’ll prove it throughout life. Happy birthday, love of my life.


  • On this day, you came into the world and to know this is the greatest happiness for me. I love you and will love you more every day. Happy Birthday.
  • My dear girl, no words are not enough to express my feelings for you. I love you, adore you, I cannot live without you, be healthy and happy! Happy birthday, my dear.
  • Let today be the beginning of a fairy tale, which will last a lifetime. I’m madly in love with you and for me, there is no greater happiness than to share with you this day. Happy Birthday.
  • So much has been said about love, but all words are empty compared with the strength of my love for you. Let a smile shine on your face always and good luck and happiness do not leave your life. Happy birthday, pretty.
  • My favorite, on this special day I want to give you a special gift – I present you my heart, save it, because now and henceforth, it is in your hands. Happy birthday, I love you.
  • Every year you become more and more beautiful and I love you more and more. Stay as gorgeous as you are now, I love you with all my heart. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy birthday, your extraordinary beauty intoxicates better than the most exquisite wine, many years have passed, but you remain a mystery, which I want to solve. I love you.
  • I wish all sweet things you hear today come true in the nearest future and I will be near to help you to fulfill all your desires and dreams. Happy birthday, my precious girl.

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