I Am Sorry Quotes for Girlfriend: Apologize Nicely

If you touched the feelings of the girl, immediately correct the situation and send her a romantic text, share cute messages on Instagram, buy her flowers, invite to dinner and be a reason not for her tears, but for her smile. The examples below will help you achieve the desired goal and will teach you how to apologize to a girl.

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Best samples of I Am Sorry Quotes for Her

Presented messages will help you to express your feelings and to apologize. A lovely message is the least you can do for her. Select the right one and send it to the girlfriend.

cake with sorry messages for girlfriend

i am sorry neon text on poster

  • Darling, I am so sorry for my awful behavior! I’ll change for you, baby!
  • Dear, let me atone for my guilt with hugs and kisses, you’ll never cry anymore! I love you.
  • An apology is the smallest thing I can do for you. Let me tell you that I have understood how silly I was, I love you more than everything, please, forgive me!
  • My princess, I’m willing to wait forever for your forgiveness! You’re the one in my heart. Kisses.
  • Look at the stars tonight, they’ll whisper: “I am sorry for what I’ve done”. I love you and hope for your understanding.
  • Please, forgive me, I can’t stop loving you. You are my perfect girl, I’ll love you forever.
  • An apology is nothing, compared to what I’ve done, but still, I know that you have a forgiving and understanding heart and you won’t let resentment destroy our love.
  • My heart beats only for you, please be merciful and forgive me. I love you.
  • Our love is strong and boundless, let’s not let the petty grievances destroy this beautiful world of understanding and tenderness. I love you and I ask for your forgiveness.
  • I know that words do not diminish the pain I caused you, but, nevertheless, I’m sorry! I love you, sweet.
  • Beloved, forgive me! I promise I will never let my ego dominate in our relationship. I love you very much.

sorry messages for girlfriend on card

  • You know that it is hard for me to admit my guilt and to apologize, but I was wrong and I apologize for the hurt and sadness that I have caused.
  • Dear, don’t be offended! The world is beautiful, let’s forget all grudges and love each other.
  • I am ready to write hundreds of posts on Facebook to get your forgiveness. You are the sense of my life.
  • With a broken heart and sadness in my soul, I ask your forgiveness. Let me give you a hug and let’s forget all the bad things.
  • I am afraid to lose you, for me, you are my ideal woman. I’m sorry for my stupid jealousy, I am no longer going to upset you.
  • Darling, forgive me, please! I was looking for happiness around, but I’ve realized too late that my happiness was you! I love you.
  • I cannot write beautiful words, but I ask you to accept my apology. You are for me the whole world, please do not leave me alone.

sorry messages for girlfriend with wonderful bouquet

  • I feel terrible because I made you cry, I’m sorry, my love, I will do everything to ensure that you are always happy.
  • My concern about you and love for you are endless, I’m sorry that sometimes I go into your private space. I will be better for you.
  • My angel, I was wrong and behaved like a fool! Please, forgive me.
  • I am ready to die for you, and each time I see you – I drown in your bottomless eyes. Do not be cruel, and do not deprive me of the pleasure to see you and kiss you.
  • Tonight, the sea breeze will touch your lips and caress your hair, you’ll hear how it would whisper: “Forgive me”.
  • It is said that we offend people we are afraid to lose the most. Forgive me, my love.
  • Though I’m not the best man for you, but you for me are the best woman on the planet! I’m sorry, I was wrong.
  • My heart is crying without you and the world around has dimmed, please, bring colors into my life! I love you.

sorry messages for girlfriend with meaning

  • I took your attitude towards me for granted, and that was my biggest mistake, I’m sorry, this will not happen again!
  • Sweetheart, all I want is to be with you for the rest of my life. I’m sorry, I love you.
  • I still do not understand how I could hurt you, with all my heart I beg you to forgive me, you are everything I have.
  • All my tweets and posts on Pinterest will be about you, I will prove you, my love. Please, forgive me!
  • If I could, I would have wiped your memories about all the terrible things that I have caused you, but all I can do is to promise you that I’ll create only happy memories for you.
  • I will pamper you, and ask for forgiveness, as long as you do not kiss me and do not say that you are any longer offended.
  • Whatever happens, remember that I am the guy, who will always be there for you in good and bad times. I love you, forgive me.
  • I promise you that from now our relationship will be free from tears, lies, and insults. I love you, let’s stay together.
  • I know you’re angry now, but I want you to know that I didn’t want to hurt you, I am ready to make amends.
  • Dear, though we have a pause in our relationship, I’m ready to start all over again, because our love burns as brightly as ever. Are you ready?
  • Look at the sun, do you see how it shines? It sends you my apology. Do not take offense, honey.
  • Sweetie, even when you’re angry, you’re incredibly pretty! I love you, forgive me!
  • Without you I feel lonely, do not hide resentment, dear, let’s better give each other happiness.
  • If I made you feel bad – I’m sorry, I’m just learning how to be a good boyfriend but I will do my best to be worthy of you.
  • I know that I caused you a lot of pain, I promise that I’ll give you a hundred times more happiness than insults. I love you.
  • My little girl, your watery eyes were the worst thing I’ve ever seen, I felt myself a monster, I am so sorry, baby, I’ll never do the same again.
  • Beloved, let this quarrel be our greatest misfortune. We are all humans and we all make mistakes, let’s forgive each other, and will continue to love and care for each other.
  • You mean the world to me, sorry for being so rude, our happiest days still lie ahead of us, I love you.
  • Honey, I have betrayed your trust, I have no right to ask you about something, but I want to say that my love for you will live forever. I beg you, forgive me.
  • I will not be verbose, I realized that the words do not mean anything, I will prove by my actions my love for you! Please, forgive me.
  • I am sorry that I’ve let you down, give me the chance to change your mind about me.
  • When you cry, the part of my soul dies, I never wanted to cause your tears, forgive me, my love, I understood my mistakes.
  • My dear, you are so beautiful that I am always jealous! Forgive me if sometimes I behave stupidly, I’m drunk in love. Do not take offense, sweetheart.
  • I am ready to go to the end of the world, only to see your smile once again. You make me better, forgive me if sometimes I do something wrong.
  • We’ve matched like two puzzle pieces, let’s not spoil our idyll with misunderstanding and resentment. I’m sorry if I offended you.
  • I was such a fool when I didn’t value your presence, please, forgive me and come back, I’ll become another person.
  • Beloved, take my bloody heart, it is yours, I have offended you, and this has brought me great pain. Please, find the strength to forgive me.
  • Let my apology fly to you through kilometers and I hope that it touches the strings of your soul. You are a great woman and a great person, I hope that we will be together.
  • When I lost you, I realized that only with you, I felt alive. I’m sorry for the pain and resentment, I love you.
  • Let forgiveness in your heart replace the anger in your soul. You are my treasure, forgive me.
  • The whole world is black and white when you’re not next to me. I am ready to give everything just to hear you laugh again. I’m sorry, let’s be together again.
  • Darling, my love became the key to your heart, let’s keep these sweet memories and forget the bad. I’m sorry, I love you.
  • I’m sorry for what you were ashamed of me. I will do everything in order to see the only pride in your eyes. I love you, forgive me.
  • You haven’t talked to me for a week, and it is the greatest pain I have ever experienced, I’m sorry for everything.

hugs people on the beach after the reconciliation

in real life love means always having to say you are sorry

excellent forgiveness with flowers and a card for girls

to love is to receive a glimpse of heaven

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