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Sisters are our angels: sometimes good, sometimes evil. There is no need to say that we argue and fight with them from time to time, however, still we love them deep inside. You don’t have to be rich, you don’t have to be cool to have a sister because they were given to us from the moment we were born, or later during the life path. Sending sister love quotes on social networks or by e-mail will add extra taste to your relationships. Also, you don’t need to tell a lot, just a few sentences of I love my sister text and your sister will be happy right away.

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Sweet Sister Quotes

  1. Tell me, sister, what is in your heart, and I will do my best to remove your pain. I adore you and wish you health and peace of mind.
  2. Sister, you are so sweet and nice, like sugar and spice. Bring me my past back when we were young. Let’s get together and look at our childhood photos with a cup of coffee at home.
  3. Time has passed, but you, sister, never change. We still share one heart between two of us. Love you, dear.
  4. My soul wants to see you even more often, my heart wants to hear your voice, my brain wishes to chat with you, and my belly can’t wait to eat something with you.
  5. May the joy stay with you all time. I like when you are happy and smiling. At these moments I forget why we actually began to fight.

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You are My Best Sister Quotes

  1. I saw many sisters and brothers, but you are the only one who is the best, and that makes me think that I am the best brother too.
  2. The best is yet to come, so as long as you are the best sister, I am waiting for you spend some time to visit my new house.
  3. A message a day keeps a brother aware. Dear sister, could you please text me more often because I miss you very much?
  4. When my hope is lost, I come to you and we talk with you a lot. I want these moments last forever for you are my precious one.
  5. I get up every day with a thought that I am thankful to God who has given me such a pretty sister. You are the most beautiful girl, believe me.

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Funny I Love My Little Sister Quotes

  1. My love for you is like a dove: it’s gentle and soft, but you need to feed it so that it will not fly away. That’s why I suggest going for a cup of tea together.
  2. When you were born, I was so excited that heaven gave me such a great gift. I still can’t take my eyes off you because of your beauty.
  3. So many words were spoken to you, so many words were written, so I will not invent anything if I say: “I love you, my little sister.”
  4. Despite that you are little, you mean a lot to me. Your pieces of advice are really helpful at a time. My friend, I love you.
  5. Try to hide anywhere, and I will find you because I am your elder sister and know everything about you. Don’t be afraid, I miss you and send you kisses and hugs.

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I Love My Big Sister Quotes

  • You are a big, big girl in a big, big world where I am too. Together we can do a lot of things. Looking forward to your decision to meet with me soon xxx)
  • Cars, money, clothes, houses is not everything you need in life. There are the things, which are more important, so please don’t forget me. Love you, sis.
  • The only moment I regret about is that we didn’t take a time to play more games and have fun earlier, but life always gives people a second chance if they believe. Love you, honey, and can’t wait to hear from you.
  • I’ll always remember your helping hand, kind heart, and beautiful smile. You will be my best friend forever because there is no one like you.
  • The miracles are big, fantastic, beautiful, majestic and magnificent, so that you are considered to be one of them. To tell “I love you” is not enough for me, hence, I will tell you “I love you very much!”

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Nice Things to Say to Your Sister

  1. Even roses have thorns, therefore, I realize why we misunderstand each other often. Nevertheless, we are gorgeous people, aren’t we? So, please, forgive me what I said last time, I didn’t mean that…
  2. A sense of humor is not the thing you should pray God about. You would better ask Him to teach you to manage this gift wisely so that you won’t hurt anyone. Thank you!
  3. “Crime and punishment” by Dostoevsky is a book you are definitely welcome to read if you want to learn how to be purposeful and extraordinary. Just do it! I never suggest you anything bad.
  4. Superstars think they are the superstars, but they don’t know you and it’s good since I don’t want you to become their friends because they will never love you the way I do.
  5. The show must go on, my sister! Keep on smiling and laughing, accept this life as a gift and receive all the blessings it has already prepared for you.

Wish the quotes you choose to shine in your sister’s message boxes motivating her to have fun from this very moment!

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