Romantic True Love Quotes

When you’re in love with somebody, you cannot spend even a minute without this person. You constantly think about him or her; you miss and have a strong desire to remind yourself! You want to be together always at least with the help of the Internet and messages! It`s not very hard to do if you have some True Love Quotes in store.

Everyone, who has ever been in love, will prove you that you have to spice things up at all stages of your relationship. When your relationship is at an early stage, everything seems to be ideal and permanent. But after some time passes, you understand that something can be wrong. You and your partner get to know each other better, and an intriguing element of novelty and the pleasant waiting of something unusual becomes disappearing! It doesn`t mean everything is over! Just diversify your relationship, surprise your partner with romantic and a little bit hot Quotes about True Love! It`s up to you to decide what to choose: hot relationship or empty moments!

What girlfriend or boyfriend can resist such a romantic and up to date way to attract attention? The variety of attractive True Love Quotes will impress even the most fastidious or demanded partner! Be sure, that with these Quotes you`ll have really romantic and intriguing relationship!

Sincere True Love Quotes for Him from The Heart

  • I don`t need the whole world to love me. I just need one person. You know this person well: it`s you!
  • I have the place, which you can touch, and it`ll make me crazy… It`s my heart!
  • I am a fan of your smile. But the fact, that the reason of your smile is me, makes me crazy!
  • Love is like the air, so I am breezing with you!
  • When we`re together, I don`t need other people and things. Everything I need is the time…
  • From time to time I dream about not knowing you because I cannot sleep at night, thinking about you!
  • I`ll not let you dictate me who I am. But I let you be part of who I`ll become.
  • I`ll allow you to appear in my dreams every night if I`ll be allowed to be in yours.

If yoy want me. Show me.
Love her as if there`s someone working 24 hours to take her from you
I love you more than cheese
You`re the only person I want to fall asleep next to

True Love Quotes for Someone Who Waits

  • When you miss me, look at the sky: we have the common moon and the sun!
  • I miss you… I want you… I need you… I love you!
  • The ability to wait is the sign of true love. Be patient, and you`ll get everything you want.
  • It`s easy t say “I love you”. But it`s hard to wait and prove your words.
  • Don`t be afraid of waiting. True love will always be back.
  • Missing someone is a good way to stimulate your heart to be patient and open to love.
  • Don`t worry if you cannot build your relationship with people. It means that your person is waiting for you in the nearest future.

It`s dificult because I am over here
Distance means nothing when someone means everything
It`s hard to wait aroud for something you know might never happen
Wish you were here with me
But now I`m high running wild among all the stars above

Quotes for Her with True Love

  • People think that you fall in love only once. It`s not about me. I fall in love every time I see you.
  • When your love is true, you see all your partner`s faults, but still, love them. I don`t mean you have faults, I mean I love you despite them!
  • I will not tell you different stories about love. Not because I don`t love you. It`s because I am going to make my own love story with you!
  • I`ll never stop loving you. And no matter what is happening, my heart is always with you!
  • Love is a real drug, that`s why you`re my dealer!
  • You fell asleep in my arms and woke up in my dreams!
  • You know, my love is not the love at first sight…It is the love at one minute!
  • I don`t believe in magic, I believe in true love.

Every woman deserves to wake up in bed
There is an ocean of silence between us
Love is life you and me
I knew I loved you
Thanks for giving up on me
I`ve liked you since I met you
Babe, I can`t wait to many the love of my life

Deep Quotes about Real Love

  • True love never occurs all of a sudden. It`s a hard process which lasts during the whole life.
  • True love is not easy. It arises only after shared ups and downs, common sufferings and the fun you have together.
  • True love is different: it is a strong fiery and impetuous passion as well as deep and calm feeling.
  • When you meet a soul mate, you don`t need to look for perfection in your partner. You know, it`s really true love!
  • Real love cannot be selfish under no circumstances. If you want to have a real love, be ready to sacrifice!
  • Real love can be compared with UFO: all people talk about it, but only a few have seen it!
  • Real Life is a prize in the game named life.
  • You`ll never find a real life in the place, where it doesn`t exist. You`ll not be able to deny it in the place, where it was born.

Love is real
You love someone when their happiness becomes you happiness
if your beloved failed to care of you
Words stops to flow, when feelings cease
Love quotes worlwide
True love is... A wonderful surprise gift!

Bright Quotes about Finding True Love

  • The fact is that all people will make you suffer, and there is only one person who is worth suffering for.
  • In the name of true love, people should go very far.
  • Only love of a good woman can make a bad man change himself.
  • Love cannot be in doubt. When you find true love, you know it for sure. If you are not certain, it`s not real love.
  • True love is the thing you`ll never have to chase.
  • You`ll not find true love if you look for expensive clothes or fancy cars. Look for a person who sings a song, which can be heard only by you.
  • You meet true love only when you begin to value your partner`s happiness more than yours.
  • Don`t find true love, and it will find you itself.
  • If you want to find true love, you should be able not only forgive, but also forget.
  • You understand that you`ve found true love only when you lose it.

I don`t need a perfict relationship, I just need someone who won`t give up on me
Fall in love with someone who will treat you how Kanye treats Kanye
There`s a message in the way a person treats you, Just Listen...
We fall in love by chance we stay in love by choise
Once in a Lifetime...
You will never find true love until you first learn to love Allah

True Quotes about The Love Which Never Dies

  • All stories about true love are endless.
  • True love is endless and inexhaustible: the more you contribute to it, the more you get.
  • I want to die the day before you. So I will not have to live without you!
  • Remember! The love you take is always the same as the love you get!
  • Don`t worry that you hold my hand only sometimes. Because you have a chance to hold my heart forever.
  • You will ask me if I love you. I will answer “Yes, forever!”
  • When the time passes, true love becomes stronger, but false love breaks down.
  • True love will never die. Even after your death, it will exist in the air.

How do you know when to stop fighting for your relationship?
Long distance relationships are hard...
I want to hold your hand at 80 and say,
If you`re not being able to bring her rainbow on her lips...
I don`t care if it`s 1am, 2am, 3am, or 4am...
When I follow my heart, it leads me to you.

Emotional You Are My True Love Quotes

  • I love you not because you`re the best. It`s because you make me better.
  • You`re my true love: natural, irrational and very important!
  • You`ll not be my prince until you make me sure that I`m your princess.
  • You know, I love you. I`ll always make myself available for you, even through the distances.
  • I love you not because you are perfect, but because I think your disadvantages make you special.
  • To say “I love you” at least once is priceless…
  • I`m not waiting that you`ll make me happy. I`m sure you`ll be happy with me.

If sh`s amazing, she won`t be easy...
I find it really beautiful when someone prays for you...
Nothing is sexier than someone who wants you just as mush as you want them.
I stole her heart...

Famous True Love Quotes with A Deep Sense

  • True love always brings the sense of security into your home.
  • If a person loves you, he or she will not tell you different stories about love. He or she will
  • True love is not hot kisses and gentle hug. It`s the feeling which makes you want to kiss and hug.
  • The best quality of true love is the feeling that somebody understands you, and you understand somebody.
  • Sometimes love doesn`t see some things, but marriage can help you to open your eyes.
  • The purpose of the life is to find true love, not meaning. It`s easier to find the meaning of life together, not alone.
  • It doesn`t matter that a man found the fire: only a woman can play with it.
  • A person who hates you is not as annoying as a person who loves you.
  • You cannot create a happy marriage with the person you can live with. You should marry the person you cannot live without!
  • Always choose to be in love, not to fall in love.

I wish I had no heart, it aches so.
We fall in love with the looks of something...
No longer do i pray for love...
Love does not dominate, it cultivates.
Someone can be madly in love with you and still not be ready.
The real power of a man is in the size of the smile of the woman sitting next to him.

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