Sexy Lesbian Love Quotes and Romantic Sayings

Love is love with any sexuality! Your eyes meet across the room, and a spark seems to pass from her eyes to yours.

Kissing fishes are very sensual and romantic, that is why they prefer sweet or hot messages, small presents, and other little things to make her girlfriend happy! Whether you are feeling for the first time or the fifth time, you need to speak about your feelings, needs, and wishes romantically or sexily to keep in touch with your adorable girl, care her and pay attention, of course! When her phone gets a message, she will look down and smile. A little paper piece with the quote on the table or a short quote written on the mirror with the lipstick will make her wish you, you, and only you!

Love inspires to make crazy and amazing things. There are a lot of ways to express your lesbian love. But often when lezzies are overfilled with emotions, it is hard to find the right words to express that amazing feeling. The romantic quotes work well when you are in the distance with the loving baby. The hot and sexy quotes are better to text while your desire is burning. A sense of humor helps us to be happy forever. You will see a lot of benefits if send some cute quotes to your girl. The words also aid people, so immediately send the loving quote after the quarrel.

The lesbian quotes below will text your random feelings brightly! These quotes will also help you to bring something new in your relationships!

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Lesbian Love Quotes for Your Girlfriend

  • And suddenly all the love songs were about you!
  • I miss you. I want to kiss you. Touch you. Feel you…Right now
  • I wonder how if you’d ever understood how much of me belongs to you.
  • I’ve let you into my world and then you become it.
  • Cuddling, snuggling, smiling, laughing and kissing: all the things I want to do when thinking of you.
  • I do not care how many people are in the world. I want you! End of the story.
  • You make me believe in «forever».
  • It will always be you, for the rest of my life and beyond.
  • Do you even realize how amazing you are to me?
  • Holy fuck, I am thinking about you a lot.

Lesbian love quotes for your girlfriend

Lesbian love quotes for your girlfriend

Hot Lesbian Quotes

  • I kiss you in the rain, so get twice as wet.
  • Your orgasm face is gorgeous.
  • I want to taste me on your fingers.
  • All these dirty thoughts about you. In my mind! Day and night!
  • You are so wet, princess.
  • I want to hear the sound of you and me. The sound of us. Fucking!
  • I licked it, so it’s mine.
  • I want you. Nothing else, just you.
  • I just want you to be happy and naked.
  • I want you forever!

Hot lesbians quotes

Hot lesbian girl quotes Hot lesbian quotes

Cute Lesbian Quotes and Sayings

  • Cut the ending. Revise the script. The man of her dreams is a girl.
  • Love is a wild fire that cannot be contained by any mere element known to man.
  • Staring at her and thinking, ‘How did a girl like her end up with a girl like me?
  • I’m not a lesbian, but my girlfriend is.
  • Your smile is literally the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life.
  • My prince charming is a princess.
  • Keep calm and love who you want.
  • I am the rainbow sheep in my family.
  • We are both ‘the girl’ in the relationship. That’s kinda the point.
  • He’s a she — and ‘she’ is amazing.

Very hot lesbian quotes

Hot lesbian quotes

Lesbian Kissing Quotes

  • I still get butterflies even though you kissed me a thousand times.
  • Baby, you are mine, especially in the middle of a kiss.
  • All I want right now is your lips and your hips pressed against mine.
  • Kiss me, tease me, touch me, hug me, cuddle me, tickle me, love me……
  • I love when you kiss me all over my body with your warm wet mouth.
  • I swear when our lips touch I can taste the next 60 years of my life.
  • Your kisses are my favorite.
  • I have become addicted to your kisses and your touch.
  • I can not sing but I do have other oral talents.
  • I think I need to take frequent breaks from kissing your body to return to your lips, kissing you feels so good.

Each lesbian kissing quotes

Lesbian kissing quotes

Lesbian sweet kissing quotes

Lesbian Relationship Quotes

  • You are my Nemo. If you get lost in the great, big ocean, I’ll found you!
  • We are both girls in a relationship. That does not mean one has to wear pants that defeats the point of being a lesbian.
  • I know there are other people but I do not want anyone else, I want you.
  • I love it when you send me those texts that make me smile, no matter how many times I read them.
  • People who are attracted to you because of your pretty face or nice body won’t be by your side forever. But the people who can see how beautiful your heart is will never leave you.
  • It is not the matter of choosing girls over boys; it’s choosing happiness over society.
  • You are my favorite thought.
  • You are the girl that I’ve been dreaming of, ever since I was a little girl.
  • She is my everything.
  • You don’t fall in love with the gender; you fall in love with the person.

Lesbian relationship women quotes Lesbian relationship quotes

Romantic Black Lesbian Quotes

  • She broke my heart, so now I have to write about her forever. It made everything different. It’s something that can only happen once.
  • Just wrap your arm around me and never let me go.
  • I don` t just lover, she owns me. Completely! I’d do anything for her.
  • None of your scars can make me love you less.
  • I wish I could explain your eyes, and how the sound of your voice gives me butterflies. How your smile makes my heart skip a beat and how every time I’m with you, I feel so complete.
  • I feel like a part of my soul has loved you since the beginning of everything. Maybe we’re from the same star.
  • You are kinda, sorta, basically, pretty much always on my mind.
  • Don’t forget me! I won’t remember anything else! Imagine me and you!
  • I just want to be the only girl you love all your life.
  • You can give life and take it away just as easily. You’re my blessing and my curse.
  • There is no word in our language that can describe us. How we feel for each other.

Romantic black lesbian girl quotes

Romantic black lesbian quotes

Very romantic black lesbian quotes

Sexy Lesbian Quotes

  • I like her rosy lips, hard nipples, bums, soft thighs. I like tits and fanny you know?”
  • Iam going to lick that spot on your body … that drives you crazy.
  • I love hearing all about your dirty thoughts about me.
  • I promise to always be by your side. Or under you. Or on top.
  • I love the way you look at me when you really want to fuck me.
  • I can` t wait to see you…… naked.
  • I love the way you make me wet when I fantasize about you.
  • I’d take off your clothes; fast enough to not give you time to reconsider, but gently, while kissing your lips
  • I love the way you arouse me with the sexy touch.
  • I love to see you in uncontrollable pleasure because of my mouth.

Very sexy lesbian quotes

Sexy lesbian quotes for them

Sexy lesbian ladys quotes

Sexy lesbian quotes

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