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SweetyTextMessages is a place where people can share their own experience. The policy of SweetyTextMessages is tolerant and democratic, therefore, anyone can submit a love-related post. Everything is real with TheSweetyTextMessages!

What We Are Looking for?

The posts are expected to be absolutely personal. We don’t need the details but there should be deep emotional research. They have to be inspiring and thought provoking, so that the reader would know themselves better after reading. The posts must be a clear and practical with a call to action. They should encourage to act.

What Are the Benefits of Contributing to Us?

Broad promotion of your post.
You’ll receive many comments.
The increase of traffic and the flow of subscribers to your site.
The ability to update your bio whenever you want to promote your products.

Short Writing Guidelines:

  • Mind the word count to be between 1,000 and 2,500 words.
  • Share your intimate story, including facts and analyze it.
  • Suggest practical tips and insights so that it will touch the reader.

A list of topics we`d like you to cover:

  • relationship;
  • motivation;
  • love advice;
  • inspiration;
  • flirting flings;
  • personal experience

and everything related to love that you`re willing to share with us. Don’t reference your blog, book, coaching practice, or speaking career in the body of the post.
Provide us only with original content, which has never been published before.

Let your paragraphs be to three lines or fewer. Include a bio of sixty words or fewer, at the bottom of the post. The number of links is unlimited.
Reserving self-promotion to your bio would be great, but note that the links in the body of the post are possible to be removed.

How to Submit Your Ideas?

Send your text to email [email protected] including the title into the subject line. Please send it by email only.

Use gravatar.com to upload your photo of yourself there. Include the email address you have linked to your gravatar account to your email.

Include only posts written only by yourself.

Few More Things to Say
If your post is acceptable for us, you will receive our response within two weeks. However, if you don’t receive a response, then try again with another post. Also, you may be asked to correct something, if needed. Besides, your post will be edited and you may be asked to review.
Thank you for being a ray of light and a part of our community!

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